Category 12 releases 2nd Barrelholder series

Sorry the full name wouldn’t fit in title description. Such is the way with beers these days. Brewers are adding multiple steps to beer preparation, which should rightfully be on the label. But I digress. Category 12, which just turned 2 years old, writes a great press release.

Anomaly is a delicious deviation from the norm, yet reminiscent of a Belgian Quadrupel. Aged in American Oak bourbon barrels for 10 months, an assertive bourbon character is tempered by notes of dark fruit, sweet vanilla, and coffee. Hints of candied sugar and clove peek through toasted malts in this lovingly blended barrelholder release. category-12-barrel

Bottles are available in the brewery tap room (2200 Keating X Rd.) starting Wednesday, November 30th and hitting shelves at liquor stores throughout BC over the next couple weeks.





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