Phillips releases 2016 Barley Wine

First to the shelves is the Phillips Trainwreck barley wine. Not much to add that is not in the press release. Didn’t this label win the 2011 Canadian Brewery Advertising label of the year? Key word here is oak aged, not barrel. In better CBAW stores soon.unnamed

November 7th, 2016: As your numbed fingers and toes can attest, it’s barley wine season! To celebrate, Trainwreck is once again rolling down the tracks to your local liquor store.  Our 10% behemoth is carefully oak aged with French and American oak, stoking this brew full of rich malt flavours and hints of toasted caramel.  The mild carbonation of this barley wine allows the silky sweet flavour profile to settle on the palate and linger a little longer on the finish.  Trainwreck should be enjoyed at (8C), but at 10% ABV be careful not to derail your caboose.

Trainwreck Oak-Aged Barley Wine is released in a 650mL bottle and available from finer private beer stores for a limited time only.

If you’d like to sample Trainwreck on draft, we are hosting a special tasting at the brewery this Thursday  November 10th from 4-6pm.


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