Category 12 releases Excitation Espresso Stout

Well it is winter, so tis the season for stouts and barley wines. Not much else to say because the press release says it all. It sounds like cold brewed coffee was used in the brewing process, which is much more favourable. There is much less earthy, coffee bitterness than using ground coffee in the mash. Press release and pretty photo to follow.


Going around in circles along the same well-worn path? Break away from the mundane c12stoutand elevate yourself to the next level of flavour with our rich, bold stout. Excitation may just incite bonding in ways only previously imagined!

As you’ve come to expect, our stout is big on flavour and features organic cacao nibs, and cold-pressed, fairly traded espresso from our friends down the street at Level Ground Trading.

Join us in the tap room this Thursday, November 3rd as we will be serving up free tasters of Excitation all afternoon!

Excitation will be available on draught and in bottles in our taproom starting tomorrow and at craft-friendly liquor stores and pubs throughout B.C. next week!


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