Phillips first with fresh hopped and pumpkin.

I believe this the fresh Victoria brewery to have their fresh hopped beer on shelves. It might also be a first with multiple fresh hops used. I’m not sure if it is the first pumpkin beer or not, Swan’s released one recently. But this is the first sour pumpkin beer I had heard of. Lots of bombers to choose from. Press release to follow


4 seasonal bombers have just been released to fill the fridge this fall! We’ve upped the ante on pumpkin, adding Toothless Pumpkin Sour to a roster that includes the original Crooked Tooth and his barrel-aged cousin Crookeder Tooth.

Rounding out this release is the return of Green Reaper Fresh Hop IPA! The 2016 vintage uses whole come Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hops delivered fresh to the brewhouse.

All 4 can be found here at the brewery as well as at your favourite private beer store. Toothless and Green Reaper can also be grabbed from your local government BC Liquor store as well.



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