Your weekend beer plans June 17 2015

This is something new at BOTR, so new even Dave doesn’t know about it. Every Friday we shall try to post beers a summary of beer related events and releases. We might not get everything, but we shall try.

Don’t forget to try Swan’s Tessier Witbier.
Lighthouse still has their tasty Broadside NWA (aka session IPA), Darrin’s Evil Eye Scotch and Jackline Rhubard Grisette on growler fill.
Not sure if Moon still has the Atomic Warhead Lemon Kettle sour on tap still. They still might have a sour anyways so who cares.
If there are any Driftwood Naughti Hildegard left, it is surely worth a taste.
For those that like to drive Category 12 might still have their unnamed experimental beers on at the brewery. Might be a Mandarian Single Hop. and the Belgian Golden Strong?
And finally lots of stuff at Spins, too much to mention.

Happy Friday from your friends at BOTR


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