Phillips releases Botanicale seasonale

Both Dave and I have been occupied with other beer projects, but luckily those are over. Back to blogging. Phillips has released a new brew influenced by their STUMP Gin. If you have not tasted their gin, you should rectify that. Available soon in better CBAW. Also they just releases a pilsner and a white peach ale (tall cans). Pretty picture and press release to follow.

phillips2Inspired by our craft-distilled STUMP Gin that we release under our Fermentorium Distilling umbrella, this brew mirrors the flavours found in the gin.  Soft forest flora flavours are highlighted with bright citrus in a patio-perfect ale.  The brew is only available for a limited time from select, craft-focused private liquor stores.

If you find yourself in our neck of the woods this Thursday May 26th, pop in from 4-6pm for a free tasting of this very special brew.


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