So Many Phillips releases

So many releases by Phillips this week.

First is the tall can and draught release of Odyssey Nitro Porter. Hooray for nitro widget can action. Available everywhere and on tap.

Two benefit brews and a Killer. Cereal Killer Imperial Rye Lager weighs in at 7.2%. Love cerealthe name and label. The description also sounds like something a blogger would write, very descriptive.

This years benefit brews is a red lager for the Dogwood Rescue Society. Then an oatmeal brown ale for the Edmonton and Area Land Trust. Both sound like great brews and great causes. Help your palate and your community. Available now at better CBAW stores. Sadly the brown ale is only available in Alberta. Press releases to follow.
January 29th, 2015 – There’s a delicious new tall can floating to liquor store shelves on dense, foamy clouds of bubbles.

Odyssey is a porter infused with nitrogen gas, which creates cascading clouds of tiny bubbles that give way to thick dense foam. This luxurious brew pours a deep earthy brown colour, and features warm roasted flavours accented with hints of nuts and dark chocolate, all wrapped up in velvet smooth textures.

Odyssey is available in a very special 473mL tall can that contains a widget designed to activate the nitrogen and maximize the delicious cascading waves of bubbles.  You can find it in the tall can section of your preferred private liquor store in BC, with distribution to Alberta to follow shortly.  It is also available on tap at select draft accounts.

Imperial Rye Lager – 7.2%

Beginning as a full-bodied imperial lager, a murderous amount of rye thickens the plot, adding a subtle spice note to a deliciously balanced brew.  Pours a deep amber colour with a medium off-white head. Fruit esters on the nose lead to full flavours of toasted rye bread underpinned with subtle sweetness. Cold conditioned for a very smooth mouthfeel that finishes clean.

Dogwood Rescue Society Red Lager – 5.0%

Dogwood Rescue Society’s mission is to re-home homeless, unwanted or abused sporting and working dogs.  It’s a message that resonated with craft beer drinkers as they were chosen as the 2015 BC Benefit Brew winner!! Full proceeds from the sale of this beer will go to help them provide the same amazing service they have been for the last 30 years

Edmonton & Area Land Trust Oatmeal Brown Ale – 5.0%

Chosen by the public as the 2015 Benefit Brew winner, the Edmonton & Area Land Trust works to benefit wildlife and people by protecting natural areas and preserving biodiversity for future generations to come.  Full proceeds from the sale of this brew will go to help them continue to do that incredible work.





4 Mile Feburary Seasonals

Again from the world of Facebooks. Their current seasonal release is a Rice Puddling Porter. Watch in February, hey that is today, for two new releases. There is mention of a Double Chocolate Porter and an Oatmeal Stout. Look for their iconic labels at better CBAW stores.

Moon Under Water has multiple releases

I must check facebook more often, that is a phrase you rarely hear anyone say. Apparently this is how you hear about new releases from Moon. I had their newly released Wee Woody Peated Scottish Ale at Northern Quarter the other day, but it is on tap at other locations around town. Most notably at the Drake. This brew is quite tasty. Normally Scottish Ales do not have a peat character, but this was a tasty twist.

Also released recently is their Explorer Brett/Saison Farmhouse. Despite the description duplication it does sound interesting. A winter farmhouse (Munich and chocolate malts) with Brett and Saison yeasts, sign me up. Both of these are draught only releases to no pretty label art to show.