Red Arrow Release Hop Shop Imperial IPA


Rev up your engines and prepare for this finely tuned limited release Imperial IPA from Red Arrow Brewing.

Supercharged with multiple leaf additions of Zeus and Mosaic, this beer revs into the red with flavours of fruit punch and electric citrus. Crank up the rockabilly and let the good times flow.

“This is a hop forward, wonderfully pieced together beast.” Says Chris Gress, Head Hop Mechanic for Red Arrow. “If you like big, bold and pungent IPA’s then this beer should cover all of the bases. We put all of our favourite ingredients into this beer, plus extra time for contact with the hops and are really proud of how it turned out.”

“Being a Hop Head myself I am really excited about this beer.” Says Adam Ball, Marketing Manager and illustrator at Red Arrow Brewing Company. “I can’t wait until the next release…I’m pushing for a comeback on this one!”

Cruise on by the brewery for a free tasting Friday Jan. 29th from 4pm – 7pm.

Available for purchase at fine liquor stores. The brewery will have kegs on hand for sampling and filling growlers.

Label Story:
This high octane brew is constructed with a trunk load of hops. We held nothing back while building this beast, supercharged with multiple Zeus and Mosaic leaf additions to ensure more than enough horsepower for our fellow Hop Heads.  Pouring a pale-gold this beer has strong aromas of guava, herb & spice. Buckle up and prepare for a tasty ride!

Taste: High intensity hops, fruit punch and earthy notes
Aroma: Floral, electric and gritty
Colour: Viscous Pale gold
Hops: Trunk Load
Malt: There is some to balance the insane amount of hops
IBU’s: 95
ALC: 7.5%


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