Driftwood releases 2015 Old Cellar Dwellar

That is all. 11.4% ya right. Will sell out soon, guaranteed. old cellar

In a dark and secret place, away from prying eyes and thirsty cellar hands, this dense, warming beer will mellow and become sherry-like with age. Unearth early for a more hop-forward experience. Others may be laid to rest — this one was born to wait. Old Cellar Dweller will be released in select #YYJ stores starting tomorrow and will slowly creep onto #YVR shelves at weeks end


Moon Under Water releases session stout

Not many people do press releases any more. Clay seemed rather busy trying to fill his new 100HL tanks. So this new beer is called All Day Breakfast Cornflake Stout. I’m guessing it contains corn or corn flakes. All I know is it is truly sessionable at 4%ABv without tasting too thin. It tastes quite roasted with hints of berries, bittersweet chocolate and cereal. No brewery photo, so I have included some goofballs Untappd image.


Phillips releases Scarfface Cranberry Orange Wit

Traditionally the Belgian Wit does not contain any cranberries, oranges yes, but berries no. But we here at BOTR, like new things. This new brew can be found at better CBAW stores very soon. Press release and witty label to follow.

Cranberry Orange Wit – 5% – 650mL

November 30th, 2015 – Say hello to our little friend! Scarfface is scarffsnow-packed with enough cranberry and citrus to make a bad guy feel good, and is a welcome break from the heavy winter ales.

Pouring a soft melon orange colour with a pillow white head, aromas of fresh oranges and fruity esters lead to a sweet orange wheat body, that finishes with a crisp cranberry tartness.

This seasonal brew is only available for a limited time from your preferred craft-focused private liquor store.  If you find yourself in our neck of the woods, come on down to the brewery for a free tasting this Thursday from 4-6.