Lighthouse Releases Black Sam Licorice Stout

Not that much information on the website about flavours, but the name kinda says it all. It also sports the Lighthouse logo, so very good chance it will be tasty. At better CBAW stores now



White Sails Brewing in Naniamo now open

As of November 12th, it is official that White Sails Brewing in Naniamo is open. So far the core brands are the standard pale, blonde and high IBU IPA. There is also mention of a chocolate porter on Untappd. They are in downtown Naniamo just off the main drag, when the old Foundry Pub used to be. Check out their website or facebook page.

Category 12 releases two beers

I’m a bit behind on this one, sorry Jeff and Michael. Not much else to say as the excellent press releases says it all below.

Our 8th beer release, Induction Dubbel, features Dark candi syrup handcrafted by our beer chemists in the Belgian tradition. Induction features a rich, red colour, with hints of dark fruit notes and brown sugar.

Settle in by a warm fire with a glass in hand and let the Induction begin.

Join us as at the brewery as we tap the first kegs of Induction thc12dubbelis Friday, November 13th.

Given the overwhelming response this beer received at several festivals this summer, we just had to release it!

Sometimes the answer we are searching for has been right in front of us all along. It’s only when we take a moment to go back to the drawing board and revisit our calculations that everything comes together. Quite often, Simplicity brings clarity.

Showcasing organic spelt grain, this 5% ABV, champagne coloured ale starts with a lightly fruity and floral nose that leads into a subtle body with a crisp, dry finish. Clean and slightly bittered – with just a hint of European sass – Simplicity reminds us all to step back, relax and appreciate the finer details.

Two Beer Advent Calendars in Victoria

We are blessed with big beer boxes in Victoria. The first is the regular Phillips Snowcase Beer Advent Calendar, which is out now. The second is one by Spinnakers, this one is a 12 pack of bombers. Either one will sell out quickly.

You can find both at many better liquor stores in Victoria and at the respective breweries.

Spinnakers releases MoVemBeer

A hopped German Lager to help raise money for men’s health? Sign me up. I also heard rumors that Spinnakers has filled Growlers at the Victoria Public Market.

Driftwood releases De Auras wheat sour

There is not release any information on this release other that a pretty poem. I have heard enough: Driftwood, sour, limited release. Currently on store shelves.

If in a golden field a wanderer should appear as from the air, beware. Harvest is upon, the sickle raised, and through the haze, his sour leer. As quickly as the winged pilgrim travels near from nowhere, shall your spirit melt into thin, thin air.

De Auras – Wheat Sour 2015 is upon us if ever so briefly…

Phillips releases Thorny Horn sour raspberry brown

I think this is first sour released by Phillips. A brown ale with lacto and raspberries, sounds good to me. It is currently on shelves and on tap at various locations in Victoria.  Press release to follow.

November 3rd, 2015: Pucker up and play the sour note! Thorny Horn Raspberry Brown Ale, our latest seasonal beer, is brewed intentionally sour.  Born as a medium bodied brown ale, it is infused with raspberries and augmented with lively Lactobacillus bacteria, the magical secret to sour.  (**tasty fun-fact: our ‘lacto’ strain was actually cultured in-house from our own spent grain)

Pouring a deep ruby red colour topped by a frothy bubblegum-pink head, a tangy berry nose leads to a rich, slightly sharp raspberry tartness through the body that finishes puckeringly dry.  This sour brew is proof that sometimes the best notes fall outside of traditional scales!

Thorny Horn is only available from private craft-focused liquor stores for a limited time!  If you find yourself in our neighborhood this Thursday, Nov. 5th, come on by between 4-6 for a special draft tasting.