Category 12 releases Subversion Impy IPA

It seems to me that Category 12 is the only brewery doing press releases these days. And such elegant ones they are too. Kegs and bottles should be hitting store shelves and craft beer focused pubs now. Press release to follow inversion

We’ve been waiting all year to release this beer! 

Abandon your previous loyalties, pay attention, covert C12 operations have been taking place!

This weekend we call to action all Hop Heads, Bitterness Beaus, Lupulin Lovers, Alpha Acid Afficionados and IPA Appreciators, as we welcome the launch of Subersion Imperial IPA.

This 8.7% ABV hop lovers fantasy is a big, bold double IPA inspired by the best IPA’s the West Coast has to offer. A balanced, mellow malt bill with a dry finish allows us to showcase this beer’s massive hop character.

Join us as at the brewery as we tap the first kegs this Friday, October 2nd. This Saturday we crank it up a notch with the Lab hosting Hank’s BBQ and The Zone@91.3 at the brewery to celebrate our Subversion release and our Barrelholder program.


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