Category 12 releases Belgian Golden Strong Ale

It’s late, I’m tired and C12 writes a great press release. Time to cut and paste and go to bed.

Category 12 is proud to announce its first full-batch experimental beer release! 

Inspired by our Belgian Golden Strong Ale that we brewed with BrewVic for Victoria Beer Week back in March -you may recall this beer first making a brief appearance as our first R&D pilot batch back in May.

Before scaling it up to the big brewhouse we sent this beer back to the drawing board for some fine tuning. There was a lot of cackling in the brewery as we turned this one up to 12! Well, almost…

This Belgian Golden Strong clocks in at a colossal 11.2% alc/vol but is devilishly drinkable and pleasantly dry on the finish. It has an amazing aroma evoking bubble gum and fresh fruit, and is crisp and bright on the palate.

Join us as at the brewery as we tap the first kegs this Friday, Aug 21stThis release will only be available in our tap room for tasters, glasses and both sizes of growler fills!


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