Driftwood releases Raised by Wolves IPA.

I’m sure you all have drank this brew already, but it should be mentioned. It should be noted that this beer used a yeast called Saccharomyces trois. For those familiar with the matter, this yeast used to be called Brettanomyces bruxellensis trois. This is a wild Brett like yeast that has acts like regular Sacch brewing yeast but produces some Brett like characteristics. So what does this all mean? This beer will have some wild yeast funk and great tropical fruit flavours, only to be enhanced by the tropical flavour hop Equinox. So drink one now and put one away for a few months to allow more Brett characters to develop. Beyond pretty Hired Guns artwork and not so pretty – but informative- press release to follow. 11899926_10153474579347521_4568893500773127151_n

The time has come to unleash the Beast… Raised by Wolves IPA
An exotic IPA born of Equinox hops and wild ale yeast shall be captured briefly, but never tamed – this release is available for a LIMITED TIME only! Slowly making its way to private liquor stores in BC starting today!


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