Phillips Releases Nelson Sauvin Hop IPA

Another IPA release from Phillips, this time it uses the southern hemisphere Nelson Sauvin hop. I wonder if this was the same Nelson Sauvin IPA that was on the growler bar a few months back? Not much more to add as the press release is very thorough:

April 20th 2015: Inspired by the land of the Kiwi, Apteryx is a brand new fruity IPA that features New-Zealand grown Nelson Sauvin hops. The hop is a relative newcomer, first appearing in 2000 after careful cultivation, and imparts such a distinctive white wine “fruitiness” that Sauvin portion of the name was actually borrowed from the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Apteryx pours a clear apricot colour with a marshmallow white head.  A medium-bodied malt base highlights notes of tropical fruits, gooseberries, nettles, and freshly crushed grapes.  Finishes dry.

You can find this refreshing seasonal sipper at craft-focused private stores for a limited time only, or you can pop by the brewery this Thursday from 4-6 for a special draft tasting.


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