Phillips Release Two Beers Triple IPA and White IPA

It has been rather quiet on the new release front. Luckily there is something old and something new from Phillips. The kids on Government street have a triple IPA called 3rd Blind Mouse. From the description it sounds like another massive citrus unnamed(2)hop bomb, nothing wrong with that. One the west coast we like our ‘C’ hops. Next up is the return of The Electric Unicorn White IPA. Remember last year when the white IPA was popular, now it is retro. Tasting party to be held Thursday April 9th from 4-6pm at the brewery. I don’t think anyone needs directions. Press releases to follow

Third Blind Mouse Triple IPA
10.2% – 650mL

We’re not mousin’ around with this brand new triple-sized IPA.  With a massive malt body and full, citrus hop nose, this 10.2% brew is surprisingly balanced and can really sneak up on you.  No blind luck here, just blind faith in great taste.

Third Blind Mouse pours a beautiful sunset orange colour with a a marshmallow white head.  Full bodied and surprisingly bright, warm citrus flavours mingle with fresh hops that park themselves firmly on the palate, and seem to expand their presence after every sip.

Electric Unicorn White IPA
6.5% – 650mL

Every spring we await the return of that special mono-horned laser beast: The Electric Unicorn.  This craft brewed seasonal stallion will never be tamed, so be sure to grab yours before it races back into the realm of fantasy.

Electric Unicorn pours a slightly hazy straw colour, perfect for long summer days that tend to blend together. Aromas of mango and banana are underpinned with a hint of coriander. Sweet banana fruit flavours are balanced against a citrus hop background that finishes dry.

Electric Unicorn is available for the season from private liquor stores now with government liquor stores stocking it in May.


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