Phillips releases the Snowcase

We were a little slow in releasing this one, sorry. You might be able to find a case around town, check the ‘find’ link to locate snowphilyours. I might be a bit controversial here, but I do not plan to wait until December to drink mine. Craft beer is best consumed fresh. Some of those beers could be sitting in your basement for two months. Just don’t post spoilers on social media for those with great patience.  Press release to follow:

October 24th, 2014: The Snowcase Calendar is back!! 24 different Phillips beers in one case designed to help you count down to Christmas the best way possible: with beer!!

Our elves have been hard at work and we’re thrilled to be pairing this year’s Snowcase with its very own website! has full details of the project and will be your daily destination to learn the backstories, read the tasting notes, and share in the conversations of the beer for that day.

To get your Santa claws on one please head to  This page is updated regularly and gives up-to-date listings of where you can grab one broken down by area.

Good luck on the hunt, and don’t forget to head over to the website to follow along starting December 1st!

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