Back to Back releases from Phillips

The releases just keep coming. Wonder why? Right the upcoming winter advent calendar. Regardless, Victoria is a great place for craft beer lovers. The first release highlights a fear of clowns and the other honours a local craft beer booster. Mr. Gerry Hieter is most certainly not a clown, but he is very cheery. I think this is the second beer brewed in honour of Mr. Hieter (Canoe Club rye IPA for BeerFest).

Press releases to follow. unnamed

October 6th, 2014: Fresh cherries and generous amounts of smoked malt highlight this fruit fortified seasonal. Crafted from pale malt that was smoked in-house using cherry wood boughs, Cherry Hieter is finished with buckets of fresh cherries.  Pouring a rich ruby-copper colour, flavours of sweet cherries are balanced by a strong malt backbone and bold smoke base. This brew is ripe for the sipping.

Cherry Hieter is available for a limited time only from private craft-focused liquor stores.  It’s available exclusively in 650mL bottles but join us down here at the brewery this Wednesday from 4-6 to try it on draft.

September 29th, 2014: Scared of clowns? Us too, but it’s time to face our fears.

Coulrophobia is a brand new India Red Ale that juggles fresh pine bitterness with hints of citrus fruit. Pouring deep reddish-copper colour with a marshmallow white head, its fresh, full aroma may just change your mind about big noses.  Delicately balanced with a hearty malt base, you’ll smile at the amount of body we squeezed into this flavour vehicle; no creepy face paint required.

Coulrophobia IRA is available now from private craft-beer focused liquor stores.  If you would like to try Coulrophobia on draft, join us at the brewery on Wednesday October 1st from 4-6 for a free tasting. No tricks, just finely crafted beer.



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