Driftwood Releases New Growth Pale Ale

Driftwood +new beer + local hops = get it before it sells out. Will be in better CBAW stores very, very soon.  Not much else to new-growth-circular-logo-coloursay, press release to follow.

New Growth Pale Ale celebrates the return of locally crafted beer brewed with regionally harvested ingredients. Driftwood Brewery and Sartori Cedar Ranch have combined their savvy to craft a decidedly British Columbian pale ale. Sartori’s Centennial and Newport hops shine through in this refreshing session ale. Cheers!


Phillips releases the Snowcase

We were a little slow in releasing this one, sorry. You might be able to find a case around town, check the ‘find’ link to locate snowphilyours. I might be a bit controversial here, but I do not plan to wait until December to drink mine. Craft beer is best consumed fresh. Some of those beers could be sitting in your basement for two months. Just don’t post spoilers on social media for those with great patience.  Press release to follow:

October 24th, 2014: The Snowcase Calendar is back!! 24 different Phillips beers in one case designed to help you count down to Christmas the best way possible: with beer!!

Our elves have been hard at work and we’re thrilled to be pairing this year’s Snowcase with its very own website! www.snowcasecalendar.com has full details of the project and will be your daily destination to learn the backstories, read the tasting notes, and share in the conversations of the beer for that day.

To get your Santa claws on one please head to www.snowcasecalendar.com/find.  This page is updated regularly and gives up-to-date listings of where you can grab one broken down by area.

Good luck on the hunt, and don’t forget to head over to the website to follow along starting December 1st!

Spinnakers Halloween Cask Fest October 31

This would be a perfect end to BC Craft Beer Month. Spinnakers is hosting a Halloween Cask Festival, Friday October 31st at 7pm. There will we pumpkin and Autumn ales from over 15 breweries (nospinshallow listings at this time). Autumn ales are different from winter ales. Tickets are $66.6 (nice) and includes all appies and beer pours. Get your tickets at the usual Spinnakers location. Don’t forget to dress up for prizes.

Swans Pumpkin Beer Release

Andrew’s pumpkin beer takes its place on local beer shelves this week. It will join front runner Lighthouse and dual versions from Phillips. It will be available Thursday October 9th. Stop by the brewpub for a free taste from 5:30-6:30. I have been told the deep fried pickles are very good. Pumpkin-Ale-Coming-Soon-2014

Press release to follow (brief).

Visit us for the launch of Swans Pumpkin Ale on Thursday, October 9th for a free tasting of this special brew from 5:30 to 6:30.

“A cornucopia of fall flavours; nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cinnamon and fresh baked pumpkin create a one of a kind malty, full bodied, pie-like brew.”

Back to Back releases from Phillips

The releases just keep coming. Wonder why? Right the upcoming winter advent calendar. Regardless, Victoria is a great place for craft beer lovers. The first release highlights a fear of clowns and the other honours a local craft beer booster. Mr. Gerry Hieter is most certainly not a clown, but he is very cheery. I think this is the second beer brewed in honour of Mr. Hieter (Canoe Club rye IPA for BeerFest).

Press releases to follow. unnamed

October 6th, 2014: Fresh cherries and generous amounts of smoked malt highlight this fruit fortified seasonal. Crafted from pale malt that was smoked in-house using cherry wood boughs, Cherry Hieter is finished with buckets of fresh cherries.  Pouring a rich ruby-copper colour, flavours of sweet cherries are balanced by a strong malt backbone and bold smoke base. This brew is ripe for the sipping.

Cherry Hieter is available for a limited time only from private craft-focused liquor stores.  It’s available exclusively in 650mL bottles but join us down here at the brewery this Wednesday from 4-6 to try it on draft.

September 29th, 2014: Scared of clowns? Us too, but it’s time to face our fears.

Coulrophobia is a brand new India Red Ale that juggles fresh pine bitterness with hints of citrus fruit. Pouring deep reddish-copper colour with a marshmallow white head, its fresh, full aroma may just change your mind about big noses.  Delicately balanced with a hearty malt base, you’ll smile at the amount of body we squeezed into this flavour vehicle; no creepy face paint required.

Coulrophobia IRA is available now from private craft-beer focused liquor stores.  If you would like to try Coulrophobia on draft, join us at the brewery on Wednesday October 1st from 4-6 for a free tasting. No tricks, just finely crafted beer.