Craft Beer Revolution

thinklandiaWednesday 19:00–22:00

Victoria Public Market at the Hudson

Craft Beer Revolution • Part of Thinklandia 2014
13 days • 15 events • 50 speakers • Free to everyone

An evening of talks about craft beer, its current state and where the industry is headed. Guided by the Thirsty Writer Joe Wiebe, this event will feature a spectrum of characters from across BC’s lively craft beer community and will explore the topics of sustainability, growth and marketing.

25 new breweries have opened in the past two years, with many more still coming. Who are they? Can this expansion be sustained? How do craft breweries market themselves in this competitive environment? What are the magical elixirs? Can I have some? Please? A sampling of BC breweries will satiate our thirst for knowledge, and for beer. Expect robust insights, deeply toned discourse, and a smooth, satisfying finish.

On tap will be a curated selection of BC craft beer, chosen by the Victoria Beer Week team. A special Victoria Beer Week collaborative brew between Salt Spring Island, Loghouse, Phillips and 4Mile will be poured at the Victoria Public Market throughout Rifflandia.

Made possible by Victoria Beer Week, RIFFLANDIA FESTIVAL, InterArts Centre, and Telus

1) New Brewery Panel

Chris Gress – Craig Street Brewing
Karen Kuzyk – Category 12 Brewing
Russell Ovans – Barkerville Brewing

2) Marketing Craft Beer Panel

Gary Lindsay – Driftwood Brewery
Matt Lockhart – Phillips Brewing
Mike Tod – Parallel 49 Brewing

3) The Future of Craft Beer Panel

Dean McLeod – Lighthouse Brewing
Jason Meyer – Driftwood Brewery
Matt Phillips – Phillips Brewing
Graham With – Parallel 49 Brewing


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