Phillips Release Thirteenth Anniversary Beer and Launch ‘Fermentorium’

13knotsJust when you thought Phillips couldn’t out do themselves.

Over the past number years we’ve made a habit of celebrating our anniversary the best way we know how: by exploring the full breadth of our hop addiction and creating some of the biggest IPA’s we could. To celebrate our 13th Anniversary we’ve crafted another monster IPA called 13 Knots in a Hangman’s Noose, and hung a very special gift around its neck…

Hop Drop is an artisanal hop liqueur crafted to celebrate the hop flavours that we covet in our beer. We distilled real hops into an incredibly potent hop elixir, where explosions of fresh pine and bright bitterness are balanced in a blanket of soft sweetness. Its depth of flavour is robust enough to enjoy on its own poured gently over ice, or it can be ‘dropped’ into another beer to instantly raise the ABV and infuse bright a hoppy flavour. If added to 13 Knots, it raises the 11.9% ABV to—you guessed it—13%!

Celebrate 13 years with us at the brewery on Thursday September 4th from 4-6pm for a special tasting of 13 Knots in the Hangman’s Noose AND Hop Drop elixir.

To get your hands on this limited Anniversary beer—with the Hop Drop on-pack—be sure to stop by a private craft focused liquor store. If you miss this special on-pack don’t worry, Hop Drop will be made under the newly minted Phillips Fermentorium so stay tuned to find it year-round in private liquor stores.


One thought on “Phillips Release Thirteenth Anniversary Beer and Launch ‘Fermentorium’

  1. It was tasty mixed. Can’t wait to try the second bottle unmixed!

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