Moon Under Water has multiple new releases

We are BOTR have been lazy. We have not been keeping up with the new releases in town. For this, we are sorry. Enough groveling and let’s talk about Moon Under Water. Clay and Chelsea (and perhaps Brew) have been very busy. Hopefully you didn’t miss the collaboration brew with Parallel 49 called the Munich IPA. The last keg was recently drained.

Currently out now is the Scottish ale called the Wee Woody. It was a collaboration with Andrew Patterson. Andrew is the head brewer for Dark Star in London. This is London, England not London, Ontario. It is a smoked, Scottish ale and aged on cherry wood. I have tried it and found it simply delicious. It is currently on tap around town. You can find it on tap at this really nice, new restaurant called The Drake.

Another brew available in both bottles and on tap is the Island Berry Harvest Weizen. Clay and crew hand picked blackberries, strawberries and raspberries from farms on the island and added them to an acidulated wheat beer. I don’t think Brew helped with this one. Canines have a hard time picking berries due to the lack of an opposable thumb.  This tart beer weighs in at a healthy 7% ABV. In the near future, there will be a Pumpkin Pearzen Harvest Weizen. Look for this one in October.

Coming soon is yet another collaboration beer with Parallel 49. This one is called the ‘Benchwarmer’ and it is an open-fermented, decocted abbey-style blonde. The name ‘Benchwarmer’ references the assistant brewers collaboration of John Adair (P49 and local boy) and Jeff Kohle (MUW). This should be on tap in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, Moon will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary next Monday and launching their Year II red wheat wine. It will be aged on cherry wood and single hopped with Citra and 11.2%ABV.

Whew, that is all.


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