Hoyne releases Entre Nous Belgian Cherry Witbier

It has been a long time since the Hoyners had a new beer release. The last one was the Mash-Up in March and before that the Helios in February. This one sounds summery and refreshing. The Witbier is a Belgian style wheat beer that is bright and zesty. It ishoynebeer usually spiced with coriander and/or orange peels. Generally fruits are not used; that is more of a lambic thing. Styles are meant to be broken. According to their facebook page this will be a bomber only release arriving tomorrow. No press release, nor tasting notes were mentioned.


P49 Cask Wednesday, Aug 5th at Garrick’s Head

So anyways, there is a cask upcoming at Garrick’s Head.Be there Wednesday, August 6th at 5:30pm. There will be beer geeks, there will be Brett and much more. The real interesting thing is what will Lon be wearing? My thoughts: black shorts, black socks, bad-arse boots and black P49 work shirt. August 6th? Who plans that for ahead? Certainly the people at P49. Does Lon plan his wardrobe that far ahead? Press release to follow:

Our beautiful 5% Wit beer with a splash of brettanomyces just for good measure!
It’s summer. It’s hot. Cool off with something dry and tart.
Our first experiment with a Brett cask.
Come see how we did!