Spinnakers 30 year Grand Cru and Raspberry Hefeweizen releases

For those of you that missed the great 30th anniversary party in the Spinnakers parking lot, fear not, the 30 year Grand Cru they served will be bottled. I would like to see the brett conditioned rye saison bottled also.  According to Spins, “Brewed with UK Marris Otter pale malt, Belgian yeast and dark candi sugar, our Grand Cru is a medium-dark, malt forward, complex ale best enjoyed with friends”. This sounds great for most people. But, sadly, I drink alone.  It will soon be available at the brewpub and better CBAW stores. It must be summer as Spinnakers is now serving their raspberry hefeweizen. It is made with raspberries from Oldfield Orchard in Victoria and sunshine. This will be on tap and in growlers. Don’t forget about their daily cask list. There is still more, I sound like a TV commercial, from May 24th to June 14th there will be beer history tours on Saturdays. Call 250-386-2739 to reserve your spot. I’m done; pretty photo of beer to follow. spingrandcru


One thought on “Spinnakers 30 year Grand Cru and Raspberry Hefeweizen releases

  1. The Grand CRU was great and I got my bottles at the party!

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