Phillips releases Electric Unicorn White IPA

Those kids over at Canadian Beer News beat us to this news release again.  I feel bad for letting this sit in my inbox for a few days. Perhaps, we should add some witty and knowledgeable commentary about this style? Nope, I got nothing. It’s hoppy, it’s from Phillips and it has a unicorn on the front. That says it all.  Official news release to follow. phillips unicorn

April 28th, 2014: Snatched back from the realm of fantasy, the Electric Unicorn White IPA is racing back to liquor store shelves for the summer.

This craft-brewed seasonal stallion blends mystical Belgian yeast with fresh American hops in an unfiltered wheat ale.  Aromas of mango and coriander lead to flavours of sweet banana and citrus fruit.  All balanced with a healthy dose of citrus bitter hops.

The Electric Unicorn will never be tamed, so make sure you grab yours this summer before it leaps back into legend.

To celebrate the reappearance of this very special beer, we’re doing a draft tasting at the brewery on May 1st.  Cold Comfort Ice Cream will be on-hand, pairing the Unicorn with a custom-crafted sherbet that uses the same hops found in the beer! The fun gets underway at 4 and runs until 6.


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