Phillips Newest Beer Adventure – Schottleweizen

For some reason my Phillips’ press releases always come several days after they’re sent.

For us here at Phillips Brewing Co., beer has always been an adventure. We’ve climbed mountains of fresh northwest hops, spelunked into the darkness of the blackest malts, and dabbled with exotic yeast strains found on both sides of the yeast divide.

But for every seasonal beer adventure we enjoy someone has to hold the map. The path between a crazy idea in our head to the bottle isn’t ever straight, but our beer architect Ben Schottle is always ready to recalibrate his latest test batch to methodically trace our path to the flavour summit.

This Schottleweizen is a brand new seasonal release named in honour of Ben featuring a dark malt base, a generous dose of hops brought to life with Belgian-inspired saison yeast. It’s lively, moderately sweet, and a little bit unconventional—just like Ben.

So tip your cap to Ben by removing this one, and join us on this latest beer adventure. Schottleweizen is available for a limited time from private craft-focused liquor stores.

For Victoria-based beer adventurers, we’re teaming up with Choux Choux Carcuterie, Two Rivers Meats and Brewery & the Beast for a special boar and venison-paired draft tasting of this special brew. To participate, join us at Phillips base camp on Tuesday April 15th from 4-6.

Interesting that wheat isn’t listed on the ingredients list.


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