Lighthouse Releases Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale

So I went into some random CBAW store and noticed this bottle. A farmhouse ale (Saison) with sourdough starter and rye. No press release, no beer company social media tweets; I love stealth marketing. Dean, the head brewer at Lighthouse, says its a collaboration with Fry’s Red Wheat Bakery. He says, “a saison with as many bakery ingredients as we could through at it, including huge tubs of of rye sourdough starter made for us by Byron Fry. Sweet and touch sour with a little rye spiciness, this one’s for more general audience than a truly sour or bretty beer would be.” Those fluent in German would know that ‘Sauertieg’ means sourdough. Available now at better cold beer and wine stores.


One thought on “Lighthouse Releases Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale

  1. Proud to beat you to this post Dave.

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