Phillips Releases Cabin Fever Again

Has it been a year already? This seems like Deja Vu. Irregardless, Phillips is bringing back the Cabin Fever imperial black India pale ale. I think this is the longest beer name in Victoria.  All you need to know is Phillips and IPA; pick yours up at better CBAW stores.

February 24th, 2014: Poised between the ominous darkness of winter and the new life-giving brightness of spring, stands this Imperial Black IPA.  Brewed to celebrate the changing season, Cabin Fever is loaded with midnight roasted malt, pouring a deep black colour and paying homage to these final dark winter days, while buckets of big floral hops infuse a mind-warping hop kick big enough to boot you out the door from your self-imposed exile.  Though it may not look like it right now, hibernation is almost over.  Celebrate with this balanced beer for the unbalanced mind.

Cabin Fever is available at finer craft-focused cold beer and wine stores for a limited time only.  If you find yourself in Victoria on Thursday February 27th, join us at the brewery from 4-6 for a special draught tasting of this special seasonal celebration beer, as well as samples of our Twisted Oak Rauche.


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