Phillips Beer Release Twisted Oak Rauche

We at BOTR fully endorse new to us beer styles, especially those that are aged in oak barrels. Mr. Phillips and crew are releasing a rauchbier; BJCP style 22a or 22c for those keeping track. This style of beer is historically linked to Bamberg, Bavaria. It traditionally uses smoked malts and the beers have been referred to as liquid bacon.  Personally, I cannot confirm this but rauchbiers are an acquired taste. Many of us have acquired such a desire. It is not the first rauchbier release in Victoria, but it is the first to be aged in oak barrels. Bottles of the Phillips Rauche will be available in better cold beer and wine stores soon. Press release to follow:

Twisted Oak Rauche

February 17th, 2014: Naturally smoked applewood and cherrywood malt highlights this seasonal Twisted Oak “Rauche” (meaning smoke in German).

The specialty grain that endows this beer with its delicate smoke flavour was grown by a dedicated farmer on the fields of Virginia’s historic northern neck, by the shores of Chesapeake Bay. The barley malt was then processed using a traditional floor malting process and then wood-fire kilned at Copper Fox Distillery, housed in a former cider mill in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

After brewing, this beer was gently aged in wet whiskey barrels where sweet peat flavours blended with vanilla and candied brown sugar, infusing the Rauche with a rich complex flavour profile that finishes with a hint of black pepper and a wisp of smoke. Available for a limited time at private craft-focused liquor stores.  Enjoy at cellar temperature (4C).

If you would like to try this delicately smoked Twisted Oak seasonal on draft, we will be hosting a special tasting at our brewery on Thursday February 27th from 4-6pm.


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