Many Spinnakers Releases

In the lull after New Years, it is good to see some new releases.  Spinnakers is bringing out their Chocoholic stout again this year. Last year, it was brewed in the Baltic Porter style with unnamedTCHO cocoa nibs.  This years press release is a little vague on details other that the key words, “Milk Chocolate Stout”. I have heard enough. Last year it sold out rapidly, prepare for a similar vanishing act.

We also forgot to mention two other releases from Spinnakers. You should be able to still find their Keg Tosser Wee Heavy Scotch Ale and the HopScotch “Scottish IPA”. Both are available in bottles, on tap and via growler action. The Keg Tosser is worth seeking out if you like a malty sweet and caramelized brew. The brewers at Spinnakers are also bringing back some old favourites. They had the Ogden Porter on tap last week.



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