Swans Release: Seven Swans a Swimming.

Winter time means two things: lots of rain and strong beer releases. These releases are either strong in alcohol strength or strong in flavour. Andrew Imageat Swans has released his spiced seasonal called ‘Seven Swans a Swimming”. Always with the aviary theme.. This is a spiced saison -different from the Centennial currently on tap. I’m sure Andrew told me what was in it; maybe Eskimodave will buy me a notepad for Christmas so I can keep track of these things. Will be both on tap and in 650ml bottles starting today.
Also stay tuned for the upcoming release of Swans first Imperial IPA. This one will be a ‘Whooper’


2 thoughts on “Swans Release: Seven Swans a Swimming.

  1. It is always a struggle to find Swan’s in Vancouver. It may be time for a trip to Victoria!!!!

  2. I have seen Swan’s stuff at 16th Street and Brewery Creek sometimes. Any reason is a good reason to visit Victoria

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