Phillips Releases The Hammer Impy Stout

The Hammer is back this year in both stainless and bourbon aged versions. Get your imperial stout action at better CBAW stores. Press release to follow:

Craft beer comrades raise your glasses! The Hammer Imperial Stout is once again smashing back to your local liquor store in 2 varieties. The classic is aged in stainless tanks and full of rich roasted flavours and a velvety smooth mouthfeel, while the barrel-aged version is aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels which impart rich vanilla oak flavours.

Both varieties pair beautifully with dark winter nights, or if you have the patience, are great candidates to make disappear for awhile in your beer cellar gulag. Craft beer comrades are recommended to grab their Hammer quickly before rations are exhausted.

Please join us for free draft tasting of both Hammer varieties, plus our Trainwreck Barley Wine down here at the Phillips Kremlin Thursday Dec. 5th from 4-6.


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