Swans Release: Seven Swans a Swimming.

Winter time means two things: lots of rain and strong beer releases. These releases are either strong in alcohol strength or strong in flavour. Andrew Imageat Swans has released his spiced seasonal called ‘Seven Swans a Swimming”. Always with the aviary theme.. This is a spiced saison -different from the Centennial currently on tap. I’m sure Andrew told me what was in it; maybe Eskimodave will buy me a notepad for Christmas so I can keep track of these things. Will be both on tap and in 650ml bottles starting today.
Also stay tuned for the upcoming release of Swans first Imperial IPA. This one will be a ‘Whooper’


Old Cellar Dweller 2013

From Julie over at Driftwood.

Keep an eye out for Old Cellar Dweller in private liquor stores… starting today!

Our 6th vintage of this much sought after and prized barley wine is a celebration of malt and hops that goes far beyond the ordinary! The intense concentration of malt and hops are delicious when fresh, but this is a style that can also be cellared and savoured for months or even years later.

A perfect gift for the craft beer lover on your list!

Tofino Kelp Stout

kelpstoutLooks like we have another beer with seafood in it. Oysters have been in beer in since 1929, but kelp is another story. I’ve only heard of one other beer using kelp. So, in my book, this makes this beer a must try for its uniqueness.

If you’re in Victoria and can get to the Cascadia liquor store in Quadra Vilalge within the next hour you’ll be able to grab a sample of this unique brew.

Hoyne Shares His Gratitude Again

Gratitude_image041731 A bit late on this one, sorry for that.

This is sure to please many people, It appears that Hoyne has released their winter warmer ‘Gratitude’ again this year. This is looking to be a yearly release.

Better get some soon before it’s all gone or you’ll have to wait another year. You’ll know when you see it, it’s the bottle wrapped in paper.

More Oysters and Beer

How about trying some oysters with your oyster stout?

Just got this wire from my friend Wade over at Lighthouse.

We will be hosting two tastings for both the beer and oysters at Cascadia Liquor Stores this month. The first will be at the Cascadia Courtenay location (200-444 Lerwick Rd) in Courtenay on Thursday December 12th from 3-6pm. The second will be held at their new Uptown location (101-3671 Uptown Boulevard) in Victoria on Friday December 13th from 3-6pm.

Our Head Brewer and creator of this beer, Dean McLeod will be in attendance at the Uptown location to answer questions about his latest creation. In addition the owners of the Okeover Organic Oysters have been kind enough to travel from Desolation Sound to shuck some oysters and be part of this exciting compilation. This will make a great photo opportunity and story that showcases local business and products, and we would be pleased if you are able to attend.

Free oysters and beer samples? Count me in!

Driftwood Blackstone Porter Cask Friday at Yates Taphouse 5:30

You all know what to do. The hints are Driftwood, cask, Friday, Yates Street Taphouse.

For those who want full details to fill each field on their Android device: Driftwood Blackstone Porter Cask, at Yates Street Taphouse, Friday, December 13th at 5:30pm. Description as follows…
With just enough dark malt to be black this Porter leans toward the dry side in its malt profile. The addition of a partial sour mash (not uncommon in pre-Industrial Revolution Porters) lends a subtle tartness to the bittersweet chocolate flavour that dominates.
Soon Dave will teach me how to work the calendar thingy…

Phillips Releases The Hammer Impy Stout

The Hammer is back this year in both stainless and bourbon aged versions. Get your imperial stout action at better CBAW stores. Press release to follow:

Craft beer comrades raise your glasses! The Hammer Imperial Stout is once again smashing back to your local liquor store in 2 varieties. The classic is aged in stainless tanks and full of rich roasted flavours and a velvety smooth mouthfeel, while the barrel-aged version is aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels which impart rich vanilla oak flavours.

Both varieties pair beautifully with dark winter nights, or if you have the patience, are great candidates to make disappear for awhile in your beer cellar gulag. Craft beer comrades are recommended to grab their Hammer quickly before rations are exhausted.

Please join us for free draft tasting of both Hammer varieties, plus our Trainwreck Barley Wine down here at the Phillips Kremlin Thursday Dec. 5th from 4-6.