Lighthouse Release Imperial Oyster Stout

I just bottled this unique this morning, then delivered it all over Victoria in the afternoon.

Desolation Imperial Oyster stout was brewed with a blend of ten malts and a shuck load of Okeover Organic Oysters farmed by Andre and Chris in the pristine wasters of Okeover Inlet, Desolation Sound. More information at


2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Release Imperial Oyster Stout

  1. One week from today on Thursday,Dec. 12th from 3-6 P.M. we’ll be joining Max Oudendag from Lighthouse Brewing Company at the Cascadia Liquor Store in Courtenay to serve up some Desolation Imperial Oyster Stout and some freshly shucked Okeover Organic Oysters!
    Then on Friday,Dec.13th from 3-6 P.M. at the Cascadia Liquor Uptown in Victoria we’ll be joining Wade McLachlan and Head Brewer Dean McLeod from Lighthouse Brewing Company to do a repeat performance!

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