Spinnakers releases Sooke Sour Plum Ale

Before you all get excited, I believe just the plums are sour. Irregardless, this is one very tasty beer and yes it takes slightly sour. The tap lineup at Spinnakers is quite long and so are the growler fill options. Other notable beers on tap are the Belgian blonde (a little Uber Blonde), the raspberry ale and Black Saison.  More from the Spinnakers team: sookesour

For some time now we have been wanting to play around with creating alternative flavour profiles in some of our beers.  When a chance came along a year ago to allow a beer that had gone astray to age and develop its own character we decided to let it go and see what transformations would take place.  At the end of this process we are pleased to present Sooke sour plum Belgian ale.  The only down side is that there is only a limited quantity.


One thought on “Spinnakers releases Sooke Sour Plum Ale

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