Moon Under Water brews a Kvass

With little fanfare, other than a facebook post, Moon Under Water put their new Kvass style beer on tap. This was brewed in collaboration with Parallel 49 brewing. You could also say it was in collaboration with BeeronTheRock as both Dave and myself happened to be there too.  But I digress and shamelessly plug BOTR.

A Kvass is a low alcohol beverage (1.5% ABV) made with rye bread. Often fruits, berries and spices are used in Kvass recipes. I could be wrong, but I think Moon Under Water used cinnamon and currants during mashing. I know this because I was there too.  No mention if this will be bottled, so get your growler fill or occupy a chair.

edit from  Dave – Raisins were used, not currants.


One thought on “Moon Under Water brews a Kvass

  1. Correction. Raisins and cinnamon. It is also cask only so no growler action. But stay tuned for possible larger release with Parallel 49.

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