Phillips Countdown to Christmas with Advent Calendar


Not letting a good idea go to waste, Phillips has released their own version of a beer advent calendar, the ‘Snowcase’.

Word is on that the brewery is already sold out.  You’ll have to check your local store for some.

There may still be shadows of Halloween ghosts haunting your neighborhood, but we couldn’t keep the wrapping on this holiday project any longer! This year, we’re celebrating the Christmas season with the Snowcase Calendar–a 24 craft beer pack designed to give your taste buds a daily treat right up to turkey time.

We pulled beers from every area of our recipe book and stuffed this calendar with 24 different Phillips craft brews, including full-time favourites, special seasonals, and even some barrel-aged releases.

December 1st may be a month away, but if you’re looking to count down to Christmas with a Snowcase Pack, be sure to get your Santa claws one quick because supplies are limited and going fast!


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