Island Winners at the BC Beer Awards

The second annual BC Beer Awards were in Vancouver this Saturday.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend.  Island breweries did fairly well this year, especially all the increased competition in the last year.

A quick recap.  Victoria brewers swept the IPA category and certified Victoria as BC’s home of IPA.  Vancouver Island Brewing took top honours by winning Best of Show with their Hermannator Eisbock, whose annual release is coming up.

2. Stoutnik Russian Imperial (Longwood Brewery)

Imperial IPA
2. Amnesiac Double IPA (Phillips Brewing Company)

1. Fat Tug IPA (Driftwood Brewery)
2. Sartori Harvest IPA (Driftwood)
3. Tranquility IPA (Moon Under Water Brewery)
Special Mention: Devils Dream IPA (Hoyne Brewing Co.)

1. Chocolate Porter (Phillips)
Special Mention: Dark Matter (Hoyne)

1. Race Rocks (Lighthouse Brewing Company)

Wheat Beer
2. The Victorious (Moon Under Water)

Session Ale
2. Slipstream Ale (Phillips)

Special Lager
1. Hermannator Ice Bock (Vancouver Island Brewery)

For a complete list of winners head over to BC Beer Awards website.


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