Victoria Now Has Four Cicerones®

cicerone_logo_CLEAR1Bringing the Canadian total up to 25.  Yes, only 25 beer savvy individuals have earned this designation.

The local beer guides are Jeff Kendrew of Vancouver Island Brewing, Bryan Paler of Cascadia Liquor stores, Ian Lloyd of Beer on the Rock  and Left4Beer and David Mitchell (me).

To find out more about the Cicerone program head on over to their website.


4 thoughts on “Victoria Now Has Four Cicerones®

  1. Davey. What materials did u use to study that puppy? Am interested in upping my mind.

    • “Tasting Beer” by Randy Mosher is the best book to start with.
      As for knowing the beer styles, I’ve been studying for the BJCP exam which really helped me be able to delve in to beer styles.
      For food “Brewmaster’s Table” by Garret Oliver is still a classic. “A Year in Beer and Food” by Lucy Saunders helped me understand the dynamics of food better than anything else.
      And all the information for draft systems is taken out of the Brewer’s Association Draught Beer Manual.

  2. Congrats Dave! Although we’re no longer “on the Rock”, I’m glad this blog is back.

    Filled my growler at Noble Pig here in Kamloops for the first time and it was $16 (not including the bottle). Ouch! On the other hand, Crannog sells these funky little mini-kegs here.

    Anyone coming up to Kamloops, remember to ping me! Also, anyone going to the Craft Beer festival in Chilliwack at the end of November?

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