Moon Under Water Collab is ready

Too much to mention and best summarized in press release. What is not mentioned is that Tim Travis also makes excellent beer mustard and jellies available all over Victoria. Kalynka makes a mean cider.

Today we’re super stocked to launch our latest collaboration project “THE BREWER, THE BAKER, THE CRAFT CIDER MAKER” An organic sourdough Ale, brewed in collaboration with Tim Travis (the Brewer), Fol Epi Dockside (The Baker) and our facilitator Kalynka Cherkosh (The Cider Maker). Brewed with unmalted Red Fife wheat and locally grown malt from Mike Doehnel. Available at the Moon now on draught and Growler only- soon to be at select craft beer bars across the Island and Vancouver!

Twa Dogs Brewing now open

I got so excited that I forgot to mention this one. Twa Dogs Beers (Victoria Caledonian Brewing and Distilling) is now open with filling growlers and selling bottles. They are located at 761 Enterprise Crescent, right around corner from Bird of Paradise Pub. So far then have a solid pale ale, tasty unfiltered saison and this Friday an IPA. I have tasted the first two and found them to be very tasty and solid. They also offer a fun distillery tour.

No word on local pub and CBAW store availability, but this will certainly happen soon

Vancouver Island Brewery launches Mystery beer today

I believe this is the first truly new release from VIB in many years. Not much info about it, other than a blurry twitter photo. Apparently there is a release party today, Wednesday from 4-6pm at the brewery. I can kind of read “killer” in the label, so maybe a kellerbier. A nice unfiltered lager would be nice for summer.

BOTR might stop by to check things out

Your weekend beer plans June 17 2015

This is something new at BOTR, so new even Dave doesn’t know about it. Every Friday we shall try to post beers a summary of beer related events and releases. We might not get everything, but we shall try.

Don’t forget to try Swan’s Tessier Witbier.
Lighthouse still has their tasty Broadside NWA (aka session IPA), Darrin’s Evil Eye Scotch and Jackline Rhubard Grisette on growler fill.
Not sure if Moon still has the Atomic Warhead Lemon Kettle sour on tap still. They still might have a sour anyways so who cares.
If there are any Driftwood Naughti Hildegard left, it is surely worth a taste.
For those that like to drive Category 12 might still have their unnamed experimental beers on at the brewery. Might be a Mandarian Single Hop. and the Belgian Golden Strong?
And finally lots of stuff at Spins, too much to mention.

Happy Friday from your friends at BOTR

Driftwood releases Naughty Hildegard

I’m sure you have already tried a few bottles and had it on draught. But it seems rude to not mention it anyways. Press release to follow

Brewed to honor Hilegard Von Bingen, a 12th century Benedictine Abbess,Naughty-Hildegard composer, and writer who is considered the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. Her treatise on medicine, “Physica Sacra,” contains the first recorded use of hops as a preservative in beer. This ESB is strong and generously hopped. For Hildegard.

The time to get Naughty starts tomorrow around ‪#‎YYJ‬ and ‪#‎YVR‬ with full distribution next week.

4 Mile brewpub releases two seasonals


Quite in the Victoria craft beer release department. Perhaps everyone was busy with Hopoxia? 4 Mile brewpub as a Grapefruit IPA and the Tangerine Dream ale back on rotation. Available both in growlers and bombers

Spinnakers has too many releases to mention

Forget it too much. Just read the press release. I stopped at Coffee Blonde ale on NITRO!!